75 min, Documentary, Quebec, Canada, 2018
Directed by
Produced byLes Films de l'Autre
Subject Health , International Affairs , Society , The Americas

Film details

The grim routine of suicides, murders, shootings and mass killings in North America is as much in the streets and schools as it is in the home. The subject of firearms is controversial – and the presence of weapons in the home leaves no one indifferent. For some, guns represent a potential threat; for others, it is a legitimate right. However, if firearms arouse a fascination associated with power, force and strength, then surely the possession of one needs to be questioned. A review of our time and the question of arms, this film talks of a controversial, destabilizing and explosively hot topic.


Screenplay and Direction : Lysanne Thibodeau

Cinematography: Pierre Bastien, Annie Deniel, Ariel Poupart, Zakari Thibodeau, Rénald Bellemare

Editing : Annie Deniel

Sound Conception : Catherine van der Donckt

Sound Mixing: Bruno Bélanger

Score : Geneviève Letarte

Sound Recording : Louis Dupire, Ariel Poupart, Paulo Castro-Lopez

Production : Lysanne Thibodeau (Les Films de l’Autre)