28 min., fiction, Québec, Canada, 2020
Directed byOmar Elhamy
Produced byLes Films Rôdeurs
LanguagesFrench, Arab
Short descriptionIn the peak of summer, a carwash languishes.
Film subjects Society , Work Environment
Regis du cinemas, general

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In the peak of summer, a carwash languishes. More than a job, the carwash has become a surrogate family to the small group of men. When Hakim returns to work after serving time, what was supposed to be a long awaited reunion between the workers quickly spirals into chaos.



Written : Omar Elhamy, Paul Chotel et Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr

Directed by : Omar Elhamy

Cinematography : Casper Wolski

Editing  : Omar Elhamy

Sound Design: Samuel Gagnon Thibodeau

Sound Mix : Alexis Pilon Gladu

Music : Melody McKiver

Sound : Gaelle Komar

Actors : Hakim Loudyi, Abdelghafour Elaaziz, Papedame Diongue, Manuel Soulières, Farid El-Arkhas



Financial Partners

Les Films Rôdeurs

SODEC Québec

Les Films du 3 Mars


Omar Elhamy

Omar Elhamy was born and raised in Egypt. Established in Quebec, Canada for a few years now, he is a director, writer and editor. His films have been acclaimed in several festivals and art galleries. He directed Tartarus (2019), Paria (2015). In 2018-2019 he presented Five seasons behind the sun his first expanded cinema works at the Dazibao Gallery in Montreal. Foam (2020), his latest short film, is part of the International Short film Competition at the 70th Berlinale. He is currently working on his first feature film, Frère Raison.




2019 – Foam (28m 22s – Short film)
2019 – Tartarus (23m – Short film)
2018/19 – Five seasons behind the sun (Expanded cinema)
2015 – Paria (19m 37s – Short film)


TIFF - 2020
TIFF Canada's Top Ten Toronto, Canada
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma - 2020
Grand Prix | Short Film National Competition Montréal, Canada