28 min., fiction, Québec, Canada, 2020
Directed by
Produced byLes Films Rôdeurs
Short descriptionIn the peak of summer, a carwash languishes.

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In the peak of summer, a carwash languishes. More than a job, the carwash has become a surrogate family to the small group of men. When Hakim returns to work after serving time, what was supposed to be a long awaited reunion between the workers quickly spirals into chaos.



Written : Omar Elhamy, Paul Chotel et Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr

Directed by : Omar Elhamy

Cinematography : Casper Wolski

Editing  : Omar Elhamy

Sound Design: Samuel Gagnon Thibodeau

Sound Mix : Alexis Pilon Gladu

Music : Melody McKiver

Sound : Gaelle Komar

Actors : Hakim Loudyi, Abdelghafour Elaaziz, Papedame Diongue, Manuel Soulières, Farid El-Arkhas



Financial Partners

Les Films Rôdeurs

SODEC Québec

Les Films du 3 Mars