94 min, Documentary, Quebec, Canada, 2010
Directed byLamothe, Michel
Produced byMichel Lamothe
Short descriptionAn intimate portrait looking into the life of the most interesting and singular Canadian photographer, John Max (1936-2011).

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Press reviews

… a disturbing work that brings together, with a rare density and coherence, the qualities of a portrait, a story, and an essay. Ciel Variable A compelling documentary on the visionary Montréal photographer. The Gazette

Film details

Born in Montreal, John Max (1936-2011) studied music at McGill University. After his first year, he abandoned the idea of becoming a musician and photography became his passion. Despite the scope and dissemination of his work in the sixties and seventies, John Max is a relatively unknown artist. A discreet witness, filmmaker and photographer Michel Lamothe offers an intimate portrait in which John Max shares his day to day life, spiritual quest and reflections on the meaning of life and freedom.


Script and Direction : Michel Lamothe
Direction of Photography : Michel Lamothe
Sound : Michel Lamothe

Editing : Louise Dugal

Sound Editing: Claude Beaugrand, Francine Poirier
Production : Michel Lamothe


Financial Partners

Conseil des Arts du Canada
Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec


Lamothe, Michel

After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Université Laval in Québec City, Michel Lamothe studied Communication Arts at Loyola College (Montreal). Since, he pursues a dual career in photography and film. Michel Lamothe has exhibited work in Canada and Europe and his films have been shown in several international festivals. In 2000 was published an artist monograph devoted to his photographic work entitled Même les cigales dormaient.

About Michel Lamothe’s work, Philippe Dubois, author of l’Acte photographique (The Photographic Act) writes, « Michel Lamothe has the freedom of a filmmaker in photography as he has the freedom of a photographer in film. He inhabits a vital space and he breathes life into the images that exist between these two worlds. »





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