79 min, Documentary, Quebec, Canada, 2012
Directed byNadine Beaudet
Produced byLes vues du fleuve
LanguagesFrench, Ukranian, Russian
Short descriptionA portrait of the "last of the firsts" Slav migrants in Abitibi.
Regis du cinemas, general

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The Cossack and the Gypsy takes us to the heart of intimate worlds of Lev Chayka and Régine Gabrysz, illustrating their memories, interior views composed of the stories about their childhood and devotion to their country of origin (Ukraine and Soviet Union). The wars and dictatorship of the past in the Eastern Europe is set in contrast with the Far North of Quebec in a forgotten boom town. Vera and Jack, the last miner, Régine and Lev are among the last first immigrants. Their Slavic voices and accents still lull the Abitibi sonorous landscapes, but for how long…



Script, Research, Directing : Nadine Beaudet

Photography: Christian M. Fournier

Editing : René Roberge

Sound Design : Claude Beaugrand

Music : Charles Papasoff

Production : Christian M. Fournier et Nadine Beaudet avec Les vues du fleuve


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Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Conseil des arts du Canada


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Nadine Beaudet

Nadine Beaudet has always love the countryside and enjoyed going on journeys in search of adventure and discovering. She's interested in the relationships that people have with their real and imaginary worlds. Her first feature film, Le Cosaque et la gitane (2012), received the Prix Pierre-et-Yolande-Perrault at the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (2013). In 2016 she released a documentary, Le Chant des étoiles, creating an encounter between astronomy and music, which was selected at the Festival international du film documentaire in Cévennes (France).   Filmography   La maison des Syriens (2018 / 80 min) Le chant des étoiles (2016 / 77 min) Ces hommes de passage (2015 / 7 min) Le cosaque et la gitane (2012 / 77 min)