52 min, Documentary, Canada, 2020
Directed byMikaël Huot
Produced byMikaël Huot
Short descriptionAfflicted by various ailments and symptoms, François, Suzanne and Lorraine adapt or take refuge, challenged by the torments imposed by electrohypersensitivity.
Regis du cinemas, general

Film details

Synopsis :

Forced to protect themselves and flee from exposure to the electromagnetic waves and fields that surround us, François, Suzanne and Lorraine share with us the torments imposed by electrohypersensitivity. Through an intimate approach, The Spectre of Waves sheds light on the humanity behind the taboos that accompany this often-misunderstood intolerance syndrome.


Credits :

Written and Directed by : Mikaël Huot

Photography : Marc-Olivier Godard

Editing : Anouk Deschênes

Colorisation : Daniel Bernard

Sound Mix : Luc Léger

Music : Everen

Voice : Anjo B. Arson


Mikaël Huot

An empathic, sensitive observer, Mikaël cultivates an interest in documentaries and devotes himself to them with in mind the human, at times courageous, at times afflicted.


« Afterwards » 2013 12mins (fiction) / director and writer
« Formol » 2015 19mins (fiction) / director, producer, writer and production designer
« The Specter of Waves » 2021 52mins (documentary) / director and producer