11 min, fiction, Québec, Canada, 2022
Directed byEmmanuel Rioux
Produced byAnne-Catherine Monette-Daigle and Emmanuel Rioux
Film subjects Psychology , Rural Life , Society

Film details


The traditional Boys Camping Weekend turns dark when Nic learns some disturbing news about one of them in the group.


Script : Emmanuel Rioux

Cinematography : Thomas Fontaine

Art direction : Antoine Quimper

Editing : Léonie Tremblay-Clavette

Sound design : Jean-Christophe Moreau

Sound editing : Matt Nantel

Sound : Marguerite Lauzon

Cast : Thomas Derasp-Verge, Louis Carrière, Jules Roy Sicotte, Fabrice Yvanoff Sénat


Emmanuel Rioux

After his studies in law and in journalism, Emmanuel started working in the television industry, mainly in cultural magazines and documentaries. After 3 years working full time in television, Emmanuel began making short films. Cendres/Ashes is his first one. He’s currently working on his next screenplay.



ASHES, 11 min, fiction, 2022