Jongué, A Nomad’s Journey

80 min, documentary, Canada, France, 2019
Directed byFerrand, Carlos
Produced byLes Films de l'Autre
Short descriptionThe life of photographer-writer Serge Emmanuel Jongué, told using his own talismans, images and texts.

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A film about Serge Emmanuel Jongué, photographer-writer.
Emigrated to Quebec to escape the family’s shadows, wounds and silences he spent his brief life exploring his multiple origins.
Jongué’s life is told with his own texts, images and talismans from his birth in Aix-en-Provence until his untimely death in Montreal.



Written and directed by : Carlos Ferrand

Editing :Guillaume Millet

Sound Design: Catherine Van Der Donckt

Sound editing : Benoît Dame

Music : Claude Rivest

Sound recording : Guillaume Mollet, Catherine Van Der Donckt

Narrator : Joël Des Rosiers

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Ferrand, Carlos

Carlos Ferrand was born in Lima, Peru. For the past 35 years he has worked in filmmaking as a screenwriter, director of photography and director. He has directed more than forty films and videos, including Cimarrones (1982), Cuervo (1989), Il parle avec les loups (2002), Casa Loma (2002), Americano (2007). As a director of photography, he has collaborated on productions such as Céline Baril’s Du pic au cœur (2001)Jean-Philippe Duval’s Lumière des oiseaux (1999), and Catherine Martin’s L’esprit des lieux (2006) and Dans les villes (2006). He works in both fiction and documentary. He lives in Montréal with his family.


Non-exhaustive filmography


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