Llovizna de mayo (A little rain in may)

15, fiction, Canada, 2019
Directed byCarole Laganière
Produced byLes Productions Sous Zéro Inc.

Film details


In the hotel room of a Quebecois filmmaker in Bogota, a woman speaks about the brief and intense love story she had with a man she knew nothing about. Evocation of a passion that will be extinguished with the unveiling of the truth.



Written and Directed by : Carole Laganière

Photography : Carole Laganière

Editing : Annie Deniel

Sound Design : Mélanie Gauthier

Sound Mix : Geoffrey Mitchell

Sound : Carole Laganière

Music : Luc Sicard

Production :Les Productions Sous Zéro Inc.

Actor : Luisa Vides


Carole Laganière

After directing several prize-winning works of fiction (Le mouchoir de poche, Jour de congé and Aline), Carole Laganière now devotes herself entirely to documentaries, a genre that allows her to combine her social and artistic interests. In 2002 and 2003, the filmmaker won back-to-back Best Canadian Documentary awards at Toronto’s Hot Docs for The Fiancée of Life and The Moon and the Violin. East End Kids (2004), followed by East End Forever (2010), are works by a mature artist with a compassionate yet critical eye. In her film Absences, directed during a two year residency at the NFB, Carole turns her lens on her own mother, who is slowly succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease. She recently made a film about gentrification (Quartiers sous tension, 2016) and one about a very special teacher (Sylvie à l’école, 2018).




Sylvie à l’école (doc, 2018)

Quartiers sous tension (doc, 2017)

Some farewells (doc, 2014)

Absences (doc, 2013)

East End Forever (doc, 2011)

Première année (doc, 2010)

City park (doc, 2006)

Country (doc, 2005)

East End Kids (doc, 2004)
The Moon and the Violin (doc, 2003)
* Best Short to Mid-Length Documentary – Canadian Spectrum Program Hot Docs 2003

The Fiancée of Life (doc, 2001)
* Gold Award for Best Canadian Documentary – Hot Docs 2002

Des mots voyageurs (doc, 1999)

Aline (fiction, 1992)
* Bayard d’Or (Best feature)- Festival international du film francophone de Namur 1992

Jour de congé (fiction, 1989)
* Best short – Bruxelles 1990
* Audience award – Belfort (France) 1989
* Best short – Festival international du film francophone de Namur 1989
* Honourable Mention – Festival du film de court-métrage de Namur (Belgique) 1989