60 min, documentary, Quebec, Canada, 2017
Directed byMills, Jacquelyn
Produced byJacquelyn Mills with GreenGroung Productions

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In the Waves is an expressive documentary that depicts the life of 80 years old Joan Alma Mills in her aging coastal village. Following the death of her younger sister, Joan finds herself confronted by the fragility of life. As she tries to come to terms with her loss Joan searches for meaning in the natural world around her.
Weaving intimate thoughts with lyrical imagery, In the Waves was crafted by Joan’s granddaughter Jacquelyn Mills. In essence, the film is an intergenerational love-letter, an ebb and flow between dream and reality, past and present, a glimpse of childhood and an encounter with the end-of-life.



Direction : Jacquelyn Mills

Photography, Editing, Sound Design : Jacquelyn Mills

Sound Mixing : Benoît Dame

Music : Jeremy Fisher

Production : Jacquelyn Mills with GreenGroung Productions


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Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Conseil des arts du Canada





Mills, Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn Mills is a Filmmaker based in Montreal, Quebec. She has won numerous awards for her work, including Best New Canadian Director (Montreal World Festival), Best Cinematography (TIFF, Sichuan), Best Film (enRoute), and was named Montréal’s NoiseMaker in Film. Her short film Leaves was accepted into Cannes 2013. Jacquelyn has also shot, directed and edited numerous award-winning short films with National Film Board of Canada, Art & Essai, Metafilms, Wapikoni Mobile, Grassfire Films and GreenGround Productions. In the Waves (2013) is Jacquelyn’s first long-form film.




In the Waves (2017 / 60 min)
Leaves (2013 / 5 min)
For Wendy (2008 / 10 min)

Screenings archive

Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival
From Wednesday 06 June, 2018 to Saturday 09 June, 2018 Halifax
Association des Réalisateurs et Réalisatrices du Québec (ARRQ)
Thursday 23 May, 2019 Montréal