84 min., Documentary, Québec, Canada, 2021
Directed byCarl Leblanc
Produced byLuc Cyr | AD HOC Films Bis
Film subjects Portraits , Psychology , Society
Regis du cinemas, general

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On May 22, 2015, Mario shot a bullet in his head. Committing one of 1200 suicides in Quebec that year, he left his family and friends with many questions and deep sadness, the very same one that assails anyone brutally left grieving by a volontary and irremediable departure. Mario was the best and longest friend of the filmmaker of this film. In this documentary, the latter describe and dissect what preceded Mario’s ultimate move, as well as demonstrate the dismay of his close group of friends. By extension, this is the narrative of a troubling experience that everyone of us has unfortunately been through or will go through.


Written and directed by Carl Leblanc

Cinematography : Alex Margineanu

Editing : Carl Leblanc, Sylvain Caron

Sound design and mix : Éric Tessier

Original score : Anthony Rozankovic

Sound : Stéphane Barsalou

Cast : Robert Lalonde


Carl Leblanc

Mid-90s, Carl Leblanc founds AD HOC FILMS. With his friend and colleague Luc Cyr, he produces and/or directs around fifteen documentaries including Canada by night (that won the Gémeaux du meilleur documentaire price in 1999), Le cœur d’Auschwitz (finalist for the Jutra 2011) and two docuseries including La boîte noire (the won the Gémeaux de la meilleure réalisation and the Gémeaux de la meilleure musique originale in 2003). For more than ten years, he navigates between documentary filmmaking (Nation : huits-clos avec Lucien Bouchard and Le commun des mortels) and novel writing (Le personnage secondaire, Artéfact, Fruits). Perdre Mario is his fourth feature length documentary.



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Festival Les Percéides 2021
Mention Musique originale du Grand prix du jury documentaire Percé
Festival Les Percéides 2021
Mention Scénario, texte et recherche du Grand prix du jury documentaire Percé