16 min, fiction, Quebec, Canada, 2008
Directed bySchachter, Daniel Isaiah
Produced byPériphéria

Film details


Barbara hasn’t been sleeping well. Not since her pregnant daughter Rebecca was due nine days ago. Barbara wants to go to London to be with her, but Rebecca has forbidden it. Distressed and impatient, Barbara decides to go to London anyways, with her elderly mother Hannah in tow.



Script and Direction : Daniel Isaiah Schachter

Photography : Nathalie Moliavko-Visotzky

Editing : Mathieu Bouchard-Malo

Art Direction : Alexis Dubois

Sound Design : Joe Barrucco

Production : Périphéria


Partenaires financiers


Crédit d’impôt du Canada

CBS Television-Montreal



Schachter, Daniel Isaiah

Daniel I. Schachter is a filmmaker, musician and English teacher born, raised and based in Montreal, Quebec. In 2008, Schachter wrote and directed his first short film, Three Mothers (2008), after winning the Grand Prize at Cours Écrire ton Court, a screenwriting competition hosted by the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal. The film picked up several prizes on the festival circuit, including the A&E Short Filmmakers Award and the OFQJ prize for Best Short Film at the Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois.
Daniel also writes, records and performs music under the name Daniel Isaiah. His record “High Twilight”, released by Secret City Records, was called a “stunning debut” by American Songwriter magazine, and put him on festival stages at SXSW, Pop Montreal, and Osheaga.




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