Vaillancourt : Isn’t It Beautiful

80min, documentary, Canada, 2019
Directed byJohn Blouin
Produced byCabina Obscura
Short description

Armand Vaillancourt is known for his sculptures. He tells his tale and reflects about the present, thus performing his life with a disarming authenticity.

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Armand Vaillancourt is known for his sculptures, both artistically and socially, both at home and around the world. He is a giant as we rarely comme across.  What gives him such creative force? This intimate documentary shows Vaillancourt as never seen before, telling the story of his life with a disarming authenticity



Written and Directed by : John Blouin

Cinematography : Nicolas Bilodeau

Editing : Mathieu Bouchard-Malo

Music : Bernard Falaise

Sound Design : Mériol Lehmann

Sound Mix : Mériol Lehmann

Colorization : Marc Boucrot

Produced by : Cabina Obscura



Financial Partners

Canada Council for the Arts

Conseils des arts et des lettres du Québec

Cabina Obscura


Les Films du 3 Mars


John Blouin

During his studies, John Blouin became a projectionist at the NFB. He founded Cabina Obscura, a cinematic performance combining 35-16 mm projectors and digital, shadows and live soundtrack. He wanders by cities and festivals, from Montreal to Beijing. John is interested in another facet of the image by making short films including Change Over, Filmstripe and Gate, trilogy on the death of a cinema. LUX, a film installation, and Cap au Pire, a new performance cycle, are his latest works in circulation.
John Blouin is the new Commissioner of PHOS, a festival dedicated to the various spheres of today’s image.
Finally, after a 12-year-old cinematic epic with the famous sculptor Armand Vaillancourt, John launches his feature-length documentary in the fall 2019 : Vaillancourt, it’s beautiful






LUX / 2015-2019/ 30 min/ cinématic installation
Cap au pire/ 2017/ 20 min/ cinématic performance
Serpentine / 2015-2016 / 17 min/ ciné-dance performance
Lou, La vie! / 2015/5min41/ documentary-essay
El Paysan, 2014-2016 / 20 min / documentary performance
El Paysan / 2013/ 17min50/ documentary
Gate / 2013 / 4 min 20/ fiction
Filmstripe / 2012 / 17min / fiction / documentary
Change Over / 2011 / 5 min 29 / fiction
Mines de Rien/2009-2013/ 30 min/ cinématic performance
Cabina Obscura/ 2005-2012/ 40min/ cinématic performance