89 min, documentary, Quebec, Canada, 2005
Directed byCatherine Hébert
Produced byPaul Lapointe (Productions Érézi)
Short descriptionChronicle of an amateur theater company which has been performing the life of Jesus for 31 years.
Film subjects Arts & Culture , Identity
Regis du cinemas, general

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Summer 2004. Simon Couillard, a priest with neither frock nor parish, is recruiting amateur actors for a play about the life of Jesus. From his home in East End Montreal’s working-class neighborhood, Hochelaga Maisonneuve, under the watchful eye of his budgie, he screens calls from aspiring players:  “Agapaix comes from the Greek word for love – agape.  We convey a universal message of love…”  This theatrical adventure has been running 32 consecutive seasons. This year, Simon brings together an ex-junkie and a homemaker, young people and retirees, believers and atheists, to form the most improbable troupe east of Mount Royal:  Agapaix. Every Sunday, this world-in-miniature rehearses at St. Gemma’s church. A place of worship then becomes a refuge where everything and anything is subject to re-evaluation: oneself, others, and why not, the very existence of God.



Direction : Catherine Hébert

Script : Catherine Hébert

Image : Jean-Pierre St-Louis, François Beauchemin

Sound : Mélanie Gauthier

Editing : René Roberge

Music : Martin Léon

Production : Paul Lapointe (Productions Érézi)


Financial Partners

Radio Canada Télévision



Catherine Hébert

Catherine Hébert is a maker of political and social documentary films. She has often filmed in Sub-Saharan Africa, taking an interest in the effects of war and violence against women, as well as exploring the intricate fabric of everyday life. Her films, particularly The other side of the country (2008) and Notes on a road less taken (2011), have earned critical acclaim and selections to numerous festivals, where they have won several awards.



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