14 min., fiction, Québec, Canada, 2022
Directed byMariel Sharp
Produced byMaude Michaud - Quirk Films
Film subjects Family , LGBTQIA+ , Psychology , Rural Life

Film details


After moving into an old isolated house with her newly-single mother and her little sister, 12 year old Cassie begins to suspect that her family is being tormented by the spirit of a sadistic River Witch.



Script : Mariel Sharp

Cinematography : Charlie Laigneau

Art director : Stephanie Burbano

Editing : Teagan Lance

Sound design : Luc Bouchard, Bande à Part

Music  : Ilichna Morasky (Strangerfamiliar)

Sound : Andres Solis

Cast : Lake Delisle, Catherine Bérubé, Margaux Vaillancourt, Alex Rice


Mariel Sharp

Mariel Sharp is a writer, director and producer based in Montréal, QC who specializes in LBGTQ+ genre cinema. From her gritty, provocative short “MonsterDyke”, to her comedy horror about the perils of heteronormativity “Don’t Text Back” (both co-directed with her partner Kaye Adelaide), Mariel’s work has screened across the globe in 50+ film festivals and been awarded numerous prizes, including the Gold Audience Award for Best Canadian Short at the Fantasia International Film Festival in 2020. At the heart of Mariel’s work is an exploration of the darker elements of human nature and a desire for social change. Mariel’s work has been supported by the WIFTV Genre Film Lab, the BANFF Diversity of Voices initiative, the Telefilm Talent to Watch program, and the SODEC Jeunes Createurs Development program.



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