80min, Docufiction, Quebec, Canada, 2016
Directed byLawrence Côté-Collins
Produced byVirginie Dubois
Short descriptionSocial worker, Anick starts making a video about rehab after prison. In a remote town, she sets up in the home of the featured couple. The project tilts when Anick develops an obsessive passion for the woman.
Film subjects Identity , Rural Life
Regis du cinemas, general

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Press reviews

SPLIT was my Hamburg Filmfest highlight for quirky and impromptu humor. Diana Perry Schnelle, American Women’s Club of Hamburg

Film details


Anick Tremblay is a social worker. She also dabbles in video, and starts making an educational production for rehab centres and halfway houses about rebuilding marital relationships after prison. In the remote town of Destor, along Highway 101 North, Anick sets up in the home of the featured couple, Jessie and Scott. The project changes drastically when Anick develops an obsessive passion for the woman. In this interior drama set, cameras become subjective, intrusive and vicious. The tempestuous trio implodes slowly as lies, manipulations and seduction games pile up.



Screenplay and direction : Lawrence Côté-Collins
Image : Lawrence Côté-Collins

Editing : Jules Saulnier

Sound conception: Benoit Dame

Sound recording : Gaëlle Komàr

Production : Virginie Dubois


With : Whitney Lafleur, Marjolaine Beauchamp, Ronald Cyr


Financial partners

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Conseil des arts du Canada

Conseil des arts de Montréal




Lawrence Côté-Collins

Lawrence Côté-Collins is a filmmaker who shoots videos under all and any conditions. After making nearly 40 shorts, including several festival award-winners, at the age of 33 she made her first docufiction feature, Écartée (Split) (2016), produced by Coop Vidéo. Lawrence is an expert at spontaneous creation, achieving balance between writing, improvisation and free expression.





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