100min, Documentary, Quebec, Canada / France, 2017
Directed byGiulia Frati
Produced byLucie Tremblay, Ian Oliveri and co-production Marc Guidoni
Regis du cinemas, general

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They sell everything – cloth, food, curtains – in the streets of Istanbul, and some of them have been at it for more than 50 years. But their way of life is about to change. With their city quickly gentrifying, the authorities want to create a “modern and clean” environment. In just five years, working-class neighbourhoods have been demolished, their residents displaced. For these street vendors, there’s more than their livelihood at stake: their entire culture and traditions are threatened. It’s a concern that comes to the attention of some Turkish youth, including a particular activist hip-hop group. Pacing her film with skilfully used urban ambient sounds, Giulia Frati has followed this evolving situation for nearly a decade.


Screenplay and direction : Giulia Frati
Image : Davide Stampa

Editing : Christophe Flambard
Music and sound conception : Bruno Pucella

Sound mixing : Éric Leboeuf

Sound recording : Tolga Yelekçi (VAV Film Group), Wolfgang Beck, Yener Yalçın, Kerem Çakır, İbrahim Tarhan, Mustafa Bölükbaşı, Sonat Hançer (VAV Film Group), H. Can Erol (VAV Film Group)

Production : Lucie Tremblay et Ian Oliveri (Lowik Media)

Co-production : Marc Guidoni (Fondivina)


Financial partners


Région Rhone-Alpes

Conseil des arts du Canada

Conseil des arts et des lettre du Québéc

Ministère de la culture truc

Ambassade française di’Istanbul


Fondivina Film

Lowik Media



Giulia Frati

Giulia Frati was born in Italy and is currently based in Canada. She started making experimental films but then gravitated towards documentaries. Giulia's focus is to tell stories that highlight diversity, human rights and independent spirits. Her experimental sensitivity surfaces in her documentary work as a poetic and playful counterpoint to the important social issues she portrays. Her interest in building bridges between cultures has driven her to work on several co productions as director or producer. She is alsoan active member of Makila, a Montreal based media coop where she collaborates on multiple initiatives to support other filmmakers.   Filmography   Istanbul Echoes (2017 / 100 min) Pupa's Garden (2005 / 52 min) Mister E (2001 /  5 min) Sadisinfectenz (1997 / 2 min)