86 min., documentary, Québec, Canada, 2023
Directed byCatherine Martin
Produced byLes Films de l'Autre - Catherine Martin
LanguagesFrench, Japanese
Short descriptionA meditative state of wonder where the fleeting beauty of shadows evokes our place in the world, the passage of time, and the very essence of life and its fragility.
Film subjects Arts & Culture , Asia

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Cinémathèque québécoise — Montréal

Theatrical release

Friday, 05 April 2024

April 10 and 11 screenings in presence of Catherine Martin.

Cinéma du Musée — Montréal

Theatrical release

Friday, 05 April 2024
Cinéma Public — Montréal

Theatrical release

From Sunday, 14 April 2024

April 14 screening with filmmaker Catherine Martin.

Cinéma Moderne — Montréal


Sunday, 28 April 2024

With filmmaker Catherine Martin.

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Junichiro Tanizaki’s literary essay In Praise of Shadows, light and dark, and the origins of photography and cinema are among the strands interwoven in this “cinematic meditation” in three chapters. Fleeting shadows ebb and flow in a glistening half-light, an enchanted dreamlike state that reflects on our place in the world, the passage of time, and the very essence of life and its fragility.



Script writer : Catherine Martin

Cinematography : Catherine Martin

Additionnal images : Mathieu Laverdière, Jean Fugazza

Editing : Catherine Martin

Sound design : Simon Gervais
Sound mix : Stéphane Bergeron

Music : Robert Marcel Lepage

Sound recording : Catherine Martin

Narration : Catherine Martin, Robert Lepage


Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin was born in Québec. She writes and directs all her films, fictions as well as documentaries. Her films have been shown at numerous international festivals (Berlin, Toronto, Oberhausen, Nyon, Buenos Aires, Karlovy Vary, etc.) and won awards in Canada and abroad. Since 2017, she has done her own camerawork, sound recording and picture editing, acting as a producer and director of her documentary essays.




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• Trois temps après la mort d’Anna (Mourning for Anna), 87 min, 2010
• Dans les villes (In the Cities), 87 min, 2006
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Documentaries and documentary essays
Éloge de l’ombre (In Praise of Shadows), 86 minutes, 2023
Certains de mes amis (Some of my Friends), 115 min, 2017
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Short and medium length fictions or film essays
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• L’ombre (The Shadow), 15 min, 1992
• Nuits d’Afrique, 48 min,1990
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