111 min., fiction, Québec, Canada, 1998
Directed byPaul Tana
Produced byMarc Daigle and Bernadette - ACPAV
LanguagesFrench, Italien

Film details


This film exposes the desire of an italian immigrant to leave his mark, to make the world understand that he succeed on his own. It is also about the constant duality of cultures, origin and welcome. A baggage that immigrants carry throughout their lives.



Script : Paul Tana, Bruno Ramirez and Tony Nardi
Cinematographer : Michel Carron
Art design : Mario Hervieux
Editing : Yves Chaput
Sound mix : Sylvain Bellemare
Music : Pierre Desrochers
Sound : Yvon Benoît
Cast : Hugolin Chevrette, Tony Conte, Frank Crudele, John Dunn-Hill, Pierre Lebeau, Richard Lemire, Tony Nardi, Michèle-Barbara Pelletier



Paul Tana

Born in Ancone, Italy in 1947, Paul Tana emigrates in Quebec at age 11. His films are tainted by his origins and are often seen as the Italian face of Quebec’s Cinema.



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LA SARRASINE, 1992, 105 min., fiction

LA DÉROUTE, 1998, 111 min., fiction

  • SOUVIENS-TOI DE NOUS (RICORDATI DI NOI), 2008, 25 min., documentary
  • MARGUERITA, 2015, 27 min., documentary
  • LE FIGUIER, 2018, 28 min., documentary
  • FELLINI PREMIÈRES FOIS, 2020, 30 min., documentary