83 min., fiction, Québec, Canada, 1980
Directed byPaul Tana
Produced byMarc Daigle - ACPAV
Film subjects Identity , Urban Planning , Youth

Film details


This film, set in Montreal, does not tell a story in the traditional sense. Instead, it offers an honest image of the life of four young people and their dreams of change. People unemployed, dissatisfied with their work or caught up in complicated social relationships.



Script : Paul Tana
Cinematographer : Serge Giguère
Editing : Louise Surprenant
Sound mix : Jack Burman
Music : Bernard Buisson
Sound : Alain Corneau
Cast : Maria Aparelida Almeido, Marielle Bernard, Bryan Doubt, Claude Gai, Amulette Garneau, Rénée Girard, Robert Gravel, Rita Lafontaine, Gaston Lepage, Pauline Martin, Jean Mathieu , Diane Miljours, Béatrice Picard, Gilbert Sicotte, Roger Turcotte, Julie Vincent



Paul Tana

Born in Ancone, Italy in 1947, Paul Tana emigrates in Quebec at age 11. His films are tainted by his origins and are often seen as the Italian face of Quebec’s Cinema.



LES GRANDS ENFANTS, 1980, 83 min., fiction

CAFFÈ ITALIA, MONTRÉAL, 1985, 81 min., docu-fiction

LA SARRASINE, 1992, 105 min., fiction

LA DÉROUTE, 1998, 111 min., fiction

  • SOUVIENS-TOI DE NOUS (RICORDATI DI NOI), 2008, 25 min., documentary
  • MARGUERITA, 2015, 27 min., documentary
  • LE FIGUIER, 2018, 28 min., documentary
  • FELLINI PREMIÈRES FOIS, 2020, 30 min., documentary