17 min., fiction, Quebec, Canada, 2021
Directed byChristine Doyon
Produced byLa Fête - Dominic James
Short descriptionWhen her intellectually disabled sister enters the after school program at her school, a young teen struggles to keep her worlds appart.
Film subjects Coming of Age , Family , Identity , Youth

Film details


Margot, a pre-teen who struggles to find acceptance at school is challenged by the arrival of her intellectually disabled sister in the after-school program. Margot initially struggles to keep her worlds separated but an event soon leads her to re-evaluate her position.



Script : Christine Doyon

Cinematography : Jonathan Décoste, CSC

Editing : Christine Doyon

Sound design : Pierre-Jules Audet

Sound mix : Mario Brillon

Music : Samuel Laflamme

Sound : Matt R. Sherman

Cast : Maïsanne Bourdeau, Sasha Bergeron, Tiffany Choinière, Annick Gamache, Noa Lottinville, Léanne Levasseur, Rosanne Larochelle, Noam Caron, Jérémy Robert, David Buyle, Maude Dubé


Christine Doyon

Writer, Director and editor, Christine Doyon has a Baccalaureat in “Histoire de l’art” and Cinema at the UQAM. In 2012, her first documentary feature film Au Revoir ma Lou was selected at the Rendez Vous du Cinema Quebecois. In 2014, Christine completes her second documentary feature Bienvenue chez Nous, a selection at Le Festival des Films du monde. In 2020, her third documentary feature Traces of Hope, which follows young refugies from Syria through the creation of a stop motion film, is presented at Le Festival des Films sur l’Art de Montreal. Deriving from her direct cinema influences, Christine is mostly interested by inspiring human stories of resilience. Margot’s Sister is her first work of fiction.



MARGOT’S SITER, 2021, 17 min., fiction

TRACES OF HOPE, 2019, 50 min., documentary
BIENVENUE CHEZ NOUS, 2014, 52 min., documentary
AU REVOIR MA LOU, 2021, 78 min., documentary


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Prix Attraction Montréal
Gala Prends ça court 2022
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Gala Prends ça court 2022
Prix UnisTV Montréal
Festival OFF Courts de Trouville 2022
​Prix du public Casino Barrière Trouville
Kaohsiung Film Festival 2022
Children's Jury Grand Award Kaohsiung
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
Best Live-Action Short Film - 2nd Prize Chicago