18 min, documentary, Canada, 2020
Directed bySantiago Bessai
Produced bySantiago Bessai
Short descriptionDespite a workforce in quarantine, Canada planted almost 700 million trees in 2020 – the most ever. With future forests under threat, a young woman journies into the Canadian bush to endure a grueling and unconventional season of tree planting during a pandemic. 
Film subjects Environment
Regis du cinemas, general

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This film follows a young woman into the Canadian wild, through forests desolated sites by wildfires and logging. Here she endures a grueling and unusual campaign of tree planting. Living in a nomadic camp during the pandemic and working tirelessly to plant thousands of seedlings per day, she divuldges the physical and spiritual challenges of being on the ecological frontier of the timber industry.



Cinematography : Santiago Bessai

Editing : Santiago Bessai

Sound design : Santiago Bessai

Sound mix : Santiago Bessai

Music : Austin Graff, Lucas Bessai

Colourist : Patrick Maynard

With : Chloë Fratani


Santiago Bessai

Santiago Bessai is a Canadian filmmaker and documentarian. Hailing from Toronto and Montreal, he travelled to the UK to study Ethnographic and Documentary film at University College London. Seeking to explore personal effects of the industrial world, his latest work returns to Canada into the remote, desolated sites of the logging industry, documenting the work of treeplanters.



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