36 min, Documentary, Quebec, Canada, 2016
Directed byIshukutak, Myna
Produced byMyna Ishulutak
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The director goes back to her roots in Pangnirtung, amongst her family and community. It leads her to another journey: to Qipisa, the outpost camp from where they were uprooted.

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Myna lives in Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut, Inuit territory of Canadian Great North. Wishing to know more about her roots, Myna leaves everything behind to settle in Pangnirtung with her family. But Myna is gradually faced with another quest: the one to remember her own origins. Because Myna grew up on the other side of the Cumberland Sound, before the depart without return.



Direction : Myna Ishulutak

Script : Myna Ishulutak, Aïda MT

Photography : Aïda MT

Sound Design : Martin Allard

Sound Mixing : Bruno Bélanger

Music : Tommy Tremblay

Sound Recording : Tommy Tremblay, Daniel Taukie, Aïda MT

Production : Myna Ishulutak


Financial Partners

Nunavut Film Development Corporation



Crédit d’impôt canadien


Ishukutak, Myna

Myna grew up in Qipisa, south of Baffin Island. When in Iqaluit, the Nunavut’s capital, she enrolls the Inuit Studies program course. Being so into audiovisual production, Myna co-directs ” Tajarniit”, a documentary series focusing on how important seal is to Nunavut Inuit. In 2016, Myna produces Qipisa, a documentary about her life story.
Currently an Inuktitut Instructor at Pirurvik Centre (Iqaluit), Myna hosts a number of television shows for Inuit Broadcasting Corporation.




Qipisa (2016 / 35 min)

Tajarniit (2008 / 30 min)