85 min, documentary, Canada, 2021
Directed byLaurence Turcotte-Fraser
Produced byArtémis Films - Katerine Lefrançois
Short descriptionTara Emory, veteran sex-industry artist, confronts a family history of hoarding through art as she faces eviction from her studio Wonderland.
Film subjects Arts & Culture , Family , Identity , LGBTQIA+
Regis du cinemas, 16 ans et plus

Film details


The End of Wonderland is a feature documentary on Tara Emory, a veteran artist who works on her own terms in the sex industry. Facing a changing world and eviction from her packed studio, Wonderland, Tara must confront her family history of hoarding, her art, and herself.



Script : Laurence Turcotte-Fraser

Cinematography : Andréanne Chartrand-Beaudry and Laurence Turcotte-Fraser

Editing : Karim Haroun et Milène Ortenberg

Sound design : Francis Gauthier

Sound mix : Bruno Bélanger

Music : Christian Zuliani

Sound : Laurent Bédard



Laurence Turcotte-Fraser

Laurence Turcotte-Fraser is a filmmaker and cinematographer based in Montreal, Canada. Multifaceted artist, her aim is to bring humanity and justice to the forefront of her work. Her previous projects include cinematography on fiction films including Les Jaunes (2012), Drum de Marde (2014), L’Étrange Province (2015) et Blast Beat (2018) and directing of short films Le temps d’ériger un clocher(2012), Marée(2017) and Domino(2017). The End of Wonderland is her first directorial feature film. This documentary, which was completed over seven years, gives space to a voice often unheard, that of trans sex workers. A strong believer that universal truth can be found in individual stories, Laurence hopes that the world is ready to open its heart to new voices and their stories.



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Sudbury Tiny Underground Film Festival 2022
Best Show Sudbury