Waiting For Spring

80 min., documentary, Québec, Canada, 2013
Directed byMarie-Geneviève Chabot
Produced byInformAction (Ian Oliveri & Ian Quenneville)
Short descriptionDocumentary feature that tells a winter in the life of Berny and his neighbors, former miners from Nord-du-Québec who decided to stay in the region despite the closure of the mines and the departure of their relatives.
Subject Environment , Portraits , Rural Life , Society

Film details


During the long winter season in Northern Québec, Berny and his neighbors live peacefully, chopping wood, fishing on the ice and getting ready for a rally. Former miners, they decided to stay in the region despite the closure of the mines and the departure of their relatives. This winter at the end of the world is their home.

Waiting for the Spring is a story made of snow, wind, rock and resistance, told with the poetry of vast silences and words cut with chainsaw.

It is the meeting of a mythical land, where the outdoors still shelter men who are both free and tied to their land. Exhausted but beautifully alive men.




Written and directed by Marie-Geneviève Chabot

Produced by : Ian Oliveri et Ian Quenneville

Executive producer : Nathalie Barton

Cinematography : Karine van Ameringen

Editing : Natalie Lamoureux

Sound Design : Martin Allard

Sound mixing : Jean-Pierre Bissonnette

Music : Freeworm

Sound Recording : Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier

Participants : Bernard Bizier, Alain Dallaire, Jean-Yves Fournier

Script advisor : Carole Laganière


Marie-Geneviève Chabot

Native of Montreal, Marie-Geneviève Chabot works as an independent documentary filmmaker since 2004. After studying arts, then cinema at UQÀM, she gathered experiences in the cultural world. She worked as a videographer (Télé sans frontières, Parole citoyenne), she gave trainings in cinema (Wapikoni mobile, Québec cinema) and behind the scenes at the theater (Les Deux mondes, La Maison théâtre).

Since Bonne chance (NFB-produced, 2005), her first feature film shot in Africa, she directed several independent documentaries including Le peuple de bronze (young talent award at the Vues d'Afrique festival) and Le bout du monde, (PVP Group award at the Percéides festival). Inspired by her years in the North of Québec, his latest film, Waiting for Spring (InformAction, 2013) won the Jutra for best documentary feature film.

Filmography   En attendant le printemps, 2013 Le peuple de bronze, 2011 Passages, 2010 Les mètres carrés oubliés, 2008 La chasse aux trésors, 2007 Bonne chance, 2005