Priscillia Piccoli

Priscillia Piccoli is an emerging filmmaker known for her short film Mathieu (Bell Fund Prize, Fantasia International Film Festival) and her short documentary As Hard As Ice (Prix d’Unis TV et Réalisatrices Équitables at the 2020 Regions Race). Committed to direct cinema, Priscillia uses the 7th to find the silver lining in social-political dilemmas. During the first year of the pandemic, while training as a social worker in a homeless day center, she questioned the storm to come in her hometown, Montreal. With her first feature film Evicted City, co-directed with Laurence Turcotte-Fraser, Priscillia launches a cry from the heart by granting the right to speak to the evicted people of a metropolis in full change.



TANT QU’IL RESTERA DE LA GLACE, 9 min, Documentary, 2020

PARTIR POUR MIEUX REVENIR, 6 min, Documentary, 2019

LES 4 CHEVALIERS, Série, 2018 à 2019

MONTREAL DEAD END, 86 min, Fiction, 2018

L’ÉVANGILE DE L’EAU, 5 min, Fiction

FEMME IDÉALE, 2 min, Fiction, 2017

MATHIEU, 14 min, Fiction, 2016