Catherine Veaux-Logeat

French-German director, Catherine Veaux-Logeat, has been a professional continuity supervisor for fifteen years. She works in Québec and in France alongside directors Richard Cuipka and Euzhane Palcy. Emerging from fiction and inspired by narrative continuity, her documentaries are portraits of women who, along their daily life, authentically convey their stories and struggles. Transcending geographical borders, Veaux-Logeat's projects traverse generations in a world of solitude, displacement, immigration and the feminine condition. Cultural plurality and openness represent for her the main movement of our future. Catherine Veaux-Logeat began directing documentary with Il fait soleil chez toi (2003), which won awards in a number of festivals (Vues d'Afrique, Festivals de films de Portneuf sur l'environnement, Festival Off-Courts de Trouville). Her second short documentary, En attendant la pluie (2004), portrait of a Burgundy farmer named Hélène, won the Prix Gilles-Carle 2005, among others. Her third documentary, Duel en deux voix (2005), was a testimonial by three women about anorexia. It won the Best Science award at the Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival and went to many festivals in Europe. Yesterday Still Hoping (2008) is her first feature-length documentary.     Filmography   Entre mer et mur (2017 / 75 min) À l'ombre d'une histoire (2017 / 52 min) La Petite maison (2012 / 14 min) Yesterday Still Hoping (2008 /70 min) Duel en deux voix (2005 / 26 min) En attendant la pluie (2004 / 23 min) Il fait soleil chez toi (2003 / 23 min) Camille (2002 / 6 min 30) Sur le chemin du Nan-sous-Thil (1998 / 52 min) Mamie Cylotte (1994 / 5min) Miroir, miroir, qui est la plus belle? (1988 / 10 min)