68 min, Documentary, Quebec, Canada, 2009
Directed byFrancine Pelletier
Produced byIan Boyd
Short descriptionAn intimate depiction of two Quebecers muslim women, this documentary delves into the reality of veiled women in contemporary Quebec.
Film subjects Identity , Religion , Society , Women
Regis du cinemas, general

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Asmaa Ibnouzahir and Geneviève Lepage, two concerned, free-thinking, well-educated young Quebecers, happen to be veiled women. Geneviève converted to Islam in 2001, after the events of September 11. A Muslim by birth, Asmaa decided to follow her religion “as it was written” in 2004, after she experienced many of the troubles common to the children of immigrants. Although they are very much of their generation, their religious convictions situate the two women in another world. This documentary explores a little-known reality: that of veiled women struggling to reconcile their faith with modern life.



Written and directed by : Francine Pelletier

Director of photography : Katerine Giguère

Editor : Annie Jean

Original music : Mohamed Masmoudi

Sound : Catherine Van Der Donckt

Sound mixing : Guillaume Boursier

Production director : Anne Émond

Production : Ian Boyd


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Francine Pelletier

Francine Pelletier is a journalist, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the feminist newspaper La Vie en rose. She has been writing and directing documentaries since 2001, among which Monsieur (2003), a documentary on the former prime minister Jacques Parizeau, Baise Majesté (2004), a documentary series on woman and sexuality, La Femme qui ne se voyait plus aller (2007), focusing the former CEO of Cinar Micheline Charest, et Babine: la fabrication du grandiose (2008), a making-of Babine de Luc Picard and Fred Pellerin's film.   Filmography   La Croisée des chemins (2013 / 65 min) La revanche du tango (2012 / 70 min) Gordon Sheppard ou l'art de bien mourir (2011 / 86 min) Le cosaque de la rue St-Urbain (2010) Mes soeurs musulmanes (2009 / 68 min) La femme qui ne se voyait plus aller (2008) Baise Majesté (2005) Monsieur (2003 / 52 min)