Migratory Paths : A program of short films

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In resonance with the International Migrants Day, Les Films du 3 Mars presents a program composed of 4 short fiction and animation films.

Entitled ” Migratory paths “, it tells the story of lives that struggle to exist and find their place in this world.

This program is available for free on the f3m.ca platform until January 20.




(Fiction | 17 min | Quebec, Canada)


In this tale, halfway between reality and fantasy, a mysterious narrator tells us the story of Amani, a young boy passionate about dance who finds himself hostage to a new reality.


Direction : Alliah Fafin | Production : Alliah Fafin (Les Films de l’Autre)




(Animation | 10 min 50 | France)


An exile seeks refuge, the spectator confront himself to the different spaces of memorie’s refugee : Camps and barbed, the journey in a sea, a ceaseless walk.


Direction : Yasmina Touzani et Gabriel Gonzalez Guirola| Production : Yasmina Touzani et Gabriel Gonzalez Guirola



(Fiction | 19 min | Quebec, Canada)


Two trajectories of exile intersect for a short moment somewhere in a simple room, where two men, two strangers, will finally be able to face their own destinies.


Direction : Sami Mermer et Houman Zolfaghari | Production : Leitmotiv – Patricia Bergeron


ECUME - Court-métrage


(Fiction | 28 min | Quebec, Canada)


In the peak of summer, a carwash languishes.


Direction : Omar Elhamy | Production : Les Films Rôdeurs