88 min, Documentary, Quebec, Canada, 2017
Directed byÉmilie B. Guérette
Produced byColonelle Films
LanguagesBrasillian Portuguese
Short descriptionThe day-to-day life of the forgotten people of the Rio Olympic Games.

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Rio de Janeiro, August 2016. The Summer Olympics are in full swing. A few steps away from the Maracanã stadium, but far from the international attention, a hundred pauperized families live together in an abandoned building. Despite the misery, gang violence and militarization of the neighborhood, the residents survive with ingenuity and resilience. Ignored by the sensationalist reports, their dignified and generous words reveal a universe of concrete and light, where the reality of today fades behind the aspirations for tomorrow.



Script and Direction : Émilie B. Guérette

Photography : Etienne Roussy

Editing : Natacha Dufaux

Sound Design : Marie-Pierre Grenier

Sound Mixing : Bruno Bélanger

Music : Paulo Bottas

Sound Recording : Francisco Heron De Alencar

Production : Colonelle Films


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Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Post Moderne


Bande à Part Coop

Crédit d’impôt Canada




Émilie B. Guérette

A nomadic filmmaker, Émilie B. Guérette has her roots in Quebec and her heart in Brazil. After studying Anthropology (Master EHESS/Paris) and Documentary filmmaking (INIS/Montreal), she chose documentary cinema as a weapon against injustice and as a love declaration towards the excluded of this world. Her first feature film The Other Rio, awarded in many festivals, delves in the daily life of the forgotten people of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. Her work seeks to shed light on marginalized populations and narratives. Combining social engagement and formal poetry, her sensitive and sensory approach aims at building bridges between human beings. The Hearing, co-directed with Peggy Nkunga Ndona, is his second feature documentary.



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